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Upstox Mutual Fund Distributor or Agent Program Review – Cost, Commission, Returns & more

The Upstox Mutual Fund Distributor Program stands as a pinnacle in the financial landscape, offering aspiring individuals a gateway to success as Upstox Mutual Fund Agents.

Upstox Partner LogoThis program is meticulously designed to empower professionals with the comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for excelling in the dynamic mutual fund industry.

As a Distributor, participants gain access to a robust support system, cutting-edge technology, and a diverse range of mutual fund products, enabling them to cater to the unique financial needs of clients.

Joining this program opens doors to a rewarding career in financial services, backed by the credibility and expertise of Upstox.

Line of Business Mutual Fund Distributor
Unit / Shop Area 100 – 200 Sq. Ft. (Optional)
Commission% / Revenue Sharing 30% – 50%
Total Investment Zero – Rs.40,000
ROI Timeframe 1 Month

What do you know about Upstox Mutual Fund Distributorship Program?

About the Brand
Industry Finance & Money
Business Line Sub Broker
Organization Type Private
Head Office Mumbai
Founder Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar
Founded In (year) 2011
No. of Distributors 3500+
Master Distributorship Not Available
Distributorship Tenure Lifetime
Distribution Location All over India
Business Set-Up Time 1 Month
Distributorship Commencement Year 2013

How much does Upstox Mutual Fund Distributor Cost?

Investment by Distributor
Distributorship Fee Rs.3000
Infrastructure Investment Zero – Rs.30,000

What is Upstox Mutual Fund Agent Commission?

Commission% / Revenue Sharing
Distributor Commission 2 to 3% of AUM
Brand Commission 0.5 to 1% of AUM

How much you can earn from Upstox Mutual Fund Advisor Program?

Monthly Revenue
Active Lumpsum Clients 25
Avg. AUM per Client – Lumpsum (Rs.) 94,000
Total AUM – Lumpsum (Rs.) 23,50,000
Active SIP Clients 760
Avg. AUM per Client – SIP (Rs.) 9,400
Total AUM – SIP (Rs.) 71,44,000
Total AUM (Rs.) 94,94,000
Distributor’s Share (Rs.) (1% of AUM) 94,940
New Client Acquisition 70
Client Acquisition Income (Rs.) 21,000
Total Distributors Income 1,15,940
Total Expenses 25,000
Distributor’s Net Profit 90,940
Net Profit Margin 78.44%

How much time does it take for Upstox MF Distributor to breakeven?

ROI Timeframe / Breakeven Time
In Months 1 Month

How to access Upstox Mutual Fund Distributor Dashboard?

Mutual Fund Dashboard Access
Upstox MF Advisor Dashboard Dashboard Link

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What is the Upstox MF Seller Infrastructure requirement?

Infrastructure Required
Shop / Unit Area 100 – 200 Sq. Ft. (Optional)
Employee Strength 1 to 3 (Optional)
Research / Advisory Optional
Trading Terminals Set-up Optional
Telephone Lines Compulsory
Computer / Internet Connectivity Compulsory
Airconditioner Optional
CCTV Set-up Optional

What is the extent of Support provided to Upstox Mutual Fund Distributor?

Support from Brand
Offers Available
Client Interaction Training Available
Relationship Manager Support Available
Back-Office Support Available
MF Investment Support Not Available
MF Advisory Support Available
Marketing Support Not Available
Business Management Software Available
Website Support Available
Operation Manual Available
Training Manual Available

What kind of Marketing Support is provided by Upstox MF Advisor Program?

Marketing Support by Brand
Unit Interior & Exterior Ads Available
Local Advertisement Available
Digital Marketing Available
Television Advertisement Available
Prints Advertisement Available
Events/Seminars Available

Does Upstox Mutual Fund Distributor gets training?

Training by Brand
Product Information Training Provided
Dealers Training Not Provided
Service Training Not Provided

What are the Products & Services provided to Upstox Mutual Fund Agent?

Products / Service Offerings
SIP Mutual Fund Available
Lumpsum Mutual Fund Available
Direct Mutual Fund Available
Equity Trading Available
Commodity Trading Available
Currency Trading NA
Derivatives Available
Forex NA
Banking NA
Insurance NA
Demat Services Available
3 in 1 Acount NA
IPO Services Available
MF Recommendations Available
Robo Advisory NA
Mobile App Available
Web Trading Platform Available

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Become Upstox Mutual Fund Distributor?

Distributor Qualification
Age Limit 24 Years & above
Business Experience Optional
Academic Qualification Graduate

Is ARN Number required to become Upstox Mutual Fund Seller?

ARN number Not Compulsory

Which documents are required to become Upstox Mutual Fund Agent?

Documents Required
Distributorship Agreement Required
Proprietor Aadhaar Copy Required
Proprietor Photo Required
Proprietor / Business PAN Copy Required
Business TAN Copy Required
GST Registration Certificate Required
Proprietor / Business Address Proof Required
Unit / Shop Address Proof Required
NISM Certification Required
NOC of Unit / Shop Required

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Is Upstox Mutual Fund Advisor Program good for you?

MF Seller Ratings – by FranchiseGuru
Revenue Sharing 4.72 / 5
Distributorship Fees & Investment 4.65 / 5
Support & Training 4.51 / 5
ROI Timeframe 4.58 / 5
Brand Value 4.55 / 5
Overall Ratings 4.60 / 5

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