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IIFL Franchise or Sub Broker Review – Cost, Commission, ROI & more

If you want to kickstart your career as a Sub Broker in the stock and trading industry, IIFL Franchise is your go-to option.

IIFL Securities Franchise LogoIIFL is renowned for its wide selection of products and services and has a colossal customer base.

Furthermore, many talented individuals found great opportunities with IIFL and made a blooming career in the finance industry.

If you want to partner with IIFL and become an IIFL Partner, peruse this article thoroughly.

Brand Summary
Line of Business Sub Broker
Unit / Shop Area 200 – 400sq.ft.
Commission% / Revenue Sharing 60% – 75%
Total Investment Zero – Rs.200,000
ROI Timeframe 4 Month

Why Invest in the IIFL Franchise?

Discover the IIFL Sub Broker Benefits that will assist in making a well-informed decision.

  • Sub Brokers can get a high revenue share from IIFL.
  • Lowest investment guaranteed.
  • IIFL has an extensive range of products and services to offer.
  • The IIFL platform employs top-notch technology to cater to a substantial clientele.
  • It provides guidance and training needed to pitch the clients.
  • Stands as an excellent partner support system by providing reports and suggestions.
  • Frequently conducts seminars to create awareness about the investors.

What do you know about IIFL Sub Broker?

About the Brand
Industry Finance & Money
Business Line Sub Broker
Organization Type Public
Head Office Mumbai
Founder Nirmal Jain
Founded In (year) 1995
No. of Franchise Outlets 5000+
Master Franchise Model Available
Franchise Tenure Lifetime
Franchise Location All over India
Business Set-Up Time 1 Month
Franchise Commencement Year 2008

India Infoline Limited, widely recognised as IIFL, has offered financial services for almost 3 decades. A first-generation entrepreneur, Nirmal Jain established the company in Mumbai in 1995.

The company has built a prominent brand presence with its diverse spectrum of products and services over the years.

Individuals willing to join this vast network can partner with IIFL and become an IIFL Sub Broker.

Furthermore, by partnering with IIFL and assuming the role of a Sub Broker, you can operate your own finance business and succeed on a grand scale.

Give this article a good read to know the lock, stock, and barrel of the IIFL Sub Broker Franchise.

How many types of IIFL Franchise Models available?

Business Models
Sub Broker 60% – 75%
AAA 30%
Partner 40% – 50%
Referral Rs.500 – Rs.1000 per Client

There are three major different business models to choose from in IIFL.

IIFL Sub Broker Model

In the IIFL Sub Broker Model, the Sub Broker, also called an Authorised person, provides direct services to the clients.

The Sub Broker’s role and responsibilities include finding prospective clients and making them customers of IIFL.

The IIFL Sub Broker must guide the clients regarding account opening and trading. They also provide comprehensive information about exclusive products and services offered at IIFL.

Additionally, the sub-broker must be prepared to address the doubts and concerns of the customers on the go.

IIFL Partner Model

Coming to the IIFL Partner Model, you can become a big-time partner of IIFL through this IIFL Partner program.

In this model, you are responsible for fetching potential clients interested in investing and trading with IIFL.

Under this program, the partner will receive a commission from IIFL for every potential client they get.

In addition, the IIFL Partner has to help the clients open the accounts with IIFL for trading and investing. However, unlike sub-brokers, they need not guide clients with trading and investing.

IIFL Refer and Earn

As the name suggests, the IIFL Refer and Earn program helps the individual make a commission out of referrals.

For every successful referral, you will earn Rs.500 from IIFL. There is no limitation on the number of referrals you make monthly.

The more referrals you make, the more commission you can earn. You will receive the commission when the referred person opens an account with IIFL.

You are not responsible for guiding the client with the account opening or trading services.

What is the IIFL Franchise Cost?

Investment by Franchisee
Sub Broker – Franchise Fee Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
AAA – Franchise Fee Zero
Partner – Franchise Fee Rs.3,000
Referral – Franchise Fee Zero
Infrastructure Investment Zero – Rs.100,000

When it comes to IIFL Franchise cost or investment, there are several factors to consider.

The sub brokership franchise fee ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs.100,000, providing individuals with an opportunity to become a part of this renowned brand.

One of the advantages is that the AAA business fees are zero, making it an attractive option for potential investors.

Additionally, the partner program fees amount to Rs.3,000, offering a reasonable entry point for those interested in joining IIFL’s network.

It’s important to note that day-to-day operations cost for a sub broker business typically ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs.75,000, ensuring smooth functioning and growth within the franchise model.

How much is IIFL Sub Broker Commission?

Commission% / Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker Commission 60% – 75%
IIFL Commission 40% – 25%
AAA Commission 30%
IIFL Commission 70%
Partner Commision 40% – 50%
IIFL Commission 50% – 60%
Referral Commission
Rs.500 – Rs.1000 per Client
IIFL Commission 100%

When it comes to IIFL Sub Broker Commission, there are several options available for individuals looking to earn through their partnership with IIFL.

The commission structure is designed to provide attractive incentives for sub-brokers, AAA agents, partners, and referrals.

Sub Broker Commission ranges from 60% to 75%, offering a substantial earning potential.

AAA Commission stands at 30%, Partner Commission varies between 40% and 50%, while Referral Commission offers a fixed amount of Rs.500 to Rs.1000 per client referred.

This flexible commission structure ensures that individuals partnering with IIFL have the opportunity to earn based on their performance and client acquisition efforts.

How much you can earn from IIFL Sub Brokership?

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 300
Daily Trades per Clients 3
Brokerage per Trade 20
Trading Days in 1 Month 15
Total Brokerage Revenue 2,70,000
Sub Broker’s Share (70%) 1,89,000
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 15,000
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
1 Dealer Cost 20,000
Misc. Expenses 5,000
Total Cost 55,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 1,34,000
Net Profit Margin 50%

Sub Brokers can earn generous amounts through the IIFL Sub Broker program. For instance, a sub-broker has 300 active clients doing trading daily.

If the client makes 3 trades on average, the brokerage per trade is 20. The total brokerage revenue generated is 2,70,000, and the sub-brokers share, which is 70% of the total revenue generated, amounts to 1,89,000.

Let us allocate an average amount of Rs.55,000 for expenses like office rent, telecaller cost, misc expenses, dealer cost, etc, and deduct it from the broker’s share.

Therefore, the IIFL Sub Broker Profits are 1,34,000, constituting 50% of the net profit generated in 15 days.

How much you can earn from IIFL Partner Program?

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 300
Daily Trades per Clients 3
Brokerage per Trade 20
Trading Days in 1 Month 15
Total Brokerage Revenue 2,70,000
Partner’s Share (50%) 1,35,000
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 10,000
1 Telecallers Cost 15,000
Misc. Expenses 5,000
Total Cost 30,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 1,05,000
Net Profit Margin 39%

Individuals who choose to partner with IIFL earn less money than sub-brokers. This is because, comparatively, the IIFL sub-broker model generates much higher revenue than the partner model.

The more revenue you generate, the more shares you take home. You can take similar figures for the IIFL sub-broker program, but the IIFL partner’s share is 50% here, which is 1,35,000.

With the office rent, telecaller cost, and misc expenses totalling around 30,000, the IIFL Partner Profits stand at 1,05,000, 39% of the total revenue generated in a month.

How much time does it take for IIFL Franchise to breakeven?

ROI Timeframe / Breakeven Time
In Years 4 Month

Knowing the return on investment while investing a certain amount into an IIFL franchise is significant.

Several factors affect the IIFL Sub Broker Returns. The factors usually include the business strategy employed, clients and their trading tactics, trading dynamics, first investment, etc.

Usually, the breakeven time is around 4 months for the IIFL franchise.

Where is IIFL Franchise Dashboard Login Link?

Dashboard Link
Partner / Sub Broker Backoffice or Dashboard Login
IIFL Partner Partner App Link

The IIFL Franchise Dashboard is among the most sought-after dashboards in the trading and stock industry. The IIFL Partner Dashboard link is provided here.

You can directly click the link to land on the official page. On the dashboard page, you can find all the information about your leads, clients, revenue generated through clients, your share, etc.

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What is the IIFL Franchise Infrastructure requirement?

Infrastructure Required
Shop / Unit Area 200 – 400sq.ft.
Employee Strength Minimum 3
Research / Advisory Compulsory
Trading Terminals Set-up Compulsory
Telephone Lines Compulsory
Computer / Internet Connectivity Compulsory
Airconditioner Compulsory
CCTV Set-up Compulsory

Individuals owning IIFL Franchise are entitled to maintain some basic infrastructure. Here are the IIFL Franchise infrastructure requirements:

  • The shop/unit area should be at least 200-400 sq. ft.
  • The franchise should have a minimum of 3 employees strength.
  • Research/Advisory unit is compulsory according to IIFL.
  • Having trading terminals set up is yet another rule.
  • Telephone lines are a basic need to establish an IIFL Franchise.
  • Must have a computer with internet connectivity.
  • The air conditioner is a must, too.
  • Must have a CCTV camera on the premises of the shop.

What is the extent of Support provided by IIFL Partner?

Support from Brand
Service Pricing Available
Offers Available
Client Interaction Training Available
Relationship Manager Support Available
Back-Office Support Available
Trading Support Available
Advisory Support Available
Marketing Support Available
Business Management Software Available
Website Support Available
Operation Manual Available
Training Manual Available

IIFL lends excellent support to the IIFL Sub Broker in every aspect. Here are some ways IIFL extends its extensive support to its partners.

  • It provides offers and service pricing to the partners.
  • Sub-brokers are provided with essential training on professional-client interaction.
  • Sub-brokers also receive relationship manager support.
  • IIFL Partner offers another kind of support, i.e., back-office support.
  • It also provides trading, advisory, and marketing support
  • IIFL provides the sub-brokers with business management software.
  • Partners working under the IIFL network have access to website support.
  • IIFL equips sub-brokers with operational and training manuals.

What kind of Marketing Support is provided by IIFL Franchise?

Marketing Support by Brand
Unit Interior & Exterior Ads Available
Local Advertisement Available
Digital Marketing Available
Television Advertisement Available
Prints Advertisement Available
Events/Seminars Available

IIFL offers ultimate marketing support to the IIFL Authorised Person or sub-brokers.

Some of the critical support areas include unit interior & exterior ads, local advertisements, digital marketing, television advertisements, print advertisements, and events/seminars.

Hence, IIFL is a strong support system for authorized persons or sub-brokers and helps them excel in the business.

Does IIFL Sub Broker provide training?

Training by Brand
Product Information Training Provided
Dealers Training Provided
Service Training Provided

For the uninitiated, IIFL provides training to the IIFL Affiliate Partner. To grow and excel as a sub-broker, training is very essential.

In other words, IIFL aids its partners in building their finance empire by providing efficient training.

The training starts with the basics of client interaction and then goes to dealer training and service training.

As the new products and services get added, respective training will be provided to the sub-brokers by IIFL on the same.

This will assist partners in identifying appropriate products and recommending them to the right clients.

What are the Products & Services provided to IIFL Sub Brokers?

Products / Service Offerings
Equity Trading Available
Commodity Trading Available
Currency Trading Available
Options Available
Futures Available
Mutual Funds Available
Banking NA
Insurance Available
Demat Services Available
3 in 1 Acount NA
IPO Services Available
Stock Recommendations Available
Robo Advisory NA
PMS Available
Exposure or Limit Available
Mobile App Available
Web Trading Platform Available
Trading Terminal Available
Algo Trading Platform Available
Basket Trading NA

IIFL renders diverse products & services to the sub-brokers associated with it.

Some popular products include equity, insurance, mutual funds, bonds and NCDs, IPOs, FDs, sovereign gold bonds, commodities, currencies, smallcase, sensibull, stockbal, etc.

Besides these products, IIFL maintains a cutting-edge technology platform for trading, which prospective clients can use for trading.

Clients who trade religiously can find the trading platform IIFL offers very useful. The IIFL Franchise also gives clients access to margin trading facilities.

Consequently, IIFL promotes the Algo trading platform, where potential clients can trade seamlessly and make decent money.

What is the Brokerage offered to IIFL Partners?

Brokerage Charges
Intraday 0.05%
Delivery 0.005
Equity Options Rs.100 per Lot
Equity Futures 0.05%
Commodity 0.05%
Currency options Rs.100 per Lot
Currency Futures 0.05%

As a promising IIFL Partner, you can generate fair brokerage fees from the company. For intraday, equity futures, commodities, and currency futures, the brokerage charges are Rs.20 per trade.

For equity delivery, the brokerage fee is 0.005%. The brokerage fee is Rs.100 per lot for equity and currency options.

Hence, you can calculate the overall brokerage fee earned per client by multiplying the number of trades carried out by the client with the rate for the segment.

How to Become a IIFL Sub Broker?

To become an IIFL Sub Broker, the individual must fulfil specific eligibility criteria and submit related documents. We will discuss the step-by-step process to become a sub-broker here.


Visit the official website of IIFL and click on the ‘Become a Sub Broker Now’ button.

Step 2

Fill out the form to connect with the stockbroker. You will receive a call within one day. Ask your queries regarding investment, revenue sharing, and more.

Step 3

Set up a meeting with the stock broker, who will collect all your documents and offline KYC.

Step 4

You must transfer the security deposit and exchange charges online or by cheque to the stockbroker.

Step 5

Your documents are verified by the stockbroker and forwarded to SEBI.

Step 6

SEBI and exchanges conduct document verification.

Step 7

SEBI generates subbroker code and shares it with sub-brokers.

Step 8

Exchange registration is done in this step.

Step 9

You will receive a welcome email from the stock broker containing your login ID, passwords, broker code, and dashboard details, and you can kick-start your sub-broker journey with IIFL.

This process takes around 10 to 15 working days for subbrokership.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to start IIFL Franchise?

Franchisee Qualification
Age Limit 21 years & above
Business Experience Required
Academic Qualification Graduate

Which documents are required to become IIFL Sub Broker?

Documents Required
Franchise Agreement Required
Proprietor Aadhaar Copy Required
Proprietor Photo Required
Proprietor / Business PAN Copy Required
Business TAN Copy Required
GST Registration Certificate Required
Proprietor / Business Address Proof Required
Unit / Shop Address Proof Required
NOC of Unit / Shop Required

Is IIFL Franchise good for you?

Franchise Ratings
Revenue Sharing 9.22 / 10
Franchise Fee & Infra Investment 9.10 / 10
Support & Training 8.82 / 10
ROI Timeframe 8.96 / 10
Brand Value 8.92 / 10
Overall Ratings 9.00 / 10

What are the Drawbacks of IIFL Franchise?

It is expected to have drawbacks in any business, and IIFL Franchise is no exception. Subsequently, we have listed some minor IIFL Franchise Drawbacks for you here.

  • The brokerage fees are high compared to its peers.
  • The trading terminals are less interactive and could be much better for a smooth trading experience.

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IIFL Partner Program – Conclusion

In summary, the IIFL partner program is a best-in-class program for those dreaming of making a career in the trading industry.

The broking firm has delivered numerous premium products and services to its clients.

Through the IIFL Franchise Program, many individuals with entrepreneurial ideas have reached the pinnacle of the trading industry.

Thus, a sub-broker, authorised person, or partner can make the best use of the products and services offered at IIFL and hit the big time.

FAQs on IIFL Franchise Business

Here are various FAQs related to the IIFL Sub Broker Franchise Business.

Does IIFL have a Sub Broker Model?

Yes, IIFL has a sub-broker model, one of its popular business models. It has many benefits for the sub-brokers, and many interested individuals are associated with IIFL through this model.

Does IIFL have multiple Franchise models?

Yes, IIFL has multiple franchise models. IIFL primarily has four franchise models: sub-broker franchise, partner, entrepreneur, and remisier.

What is the IIFL Sub Broker Commission?

Through the IIFL franchise, the sub-brokers can earn a handsome commission. Depending on the revenue generated, they can earn a commission between 60% and 75% of the revenue share.

How much IIFL Franchise Cost?

The cost of the IIFL franchise purely depends on the selected business model. For instance, for the sub-broker model, the franchise cost is around Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000.

Does IIFL have a Partner Program?

Yes, of course. IIFL’s partner program is yet another prominent business model. To become a partner, an individual must pay Rs. 15,000.

What is IIFL Partners Sharing?

IIFL partners share 40% of the total revenue generated. Revenue sharing is different for different business models and completely depends on the total revenue generated.

Is the IIFL Partner Program Free?

The IIFL partner program is not free. You have to invest a minimum of Rs. 3,000 to participate in the IIFL partner business model. The partner commission ranges from 40% to 50%.

Does IIFL provide Training Assistance?

Yes, IIFL provides training assistance to interested individuals who want to make a career in the trading industry.

Nonetheless, the organization provides training on various aspects, such as client acquisition, interaction, and products.

How to Become an IIFL Sub Broker?

You can quickly become an IIFL sub-broker by clicking on the link available on the homepage of the IIFL website.

Fill out the form with your details and pay the initial amount to receive login details for starting as a sub-broker.

Does the IIFL Franchise provide Support?

Yes, the IIFL franchise greatly supports its employees, franchise owners, and rimisiers. In other words, the support is provided in areas like marketing, franchise setup, training, etc.

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