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Anand Rathi Franchise or Sub Broker Review – Cost, Commission, ROI & more

Founded in 1994, Anand Rathi is a prominent provider of financial services in India, boasting a strong franchise network. Anyone investing in an Anand Rathi Franchise can access a wide range of investing and advising options.

Furthermore, partners can select a comprehensive range of investment and advisory options. Since 2007, Anand Rathi has been a financial partner of Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVCI).

In addition, it focuses on financial services such as investment banking, commodities, stocks, mutual funds, corporate advisory, and equities.

Furthermore, more than 500 agents nationwide represent the franchise and strive for customer and business benefits.

Brand Summary
Line of Business Sub Broker
Unit / Shop Area 200 – 300 sq. ft.
Commission% / Revenue Sharing 55% – 65%
Total Investment Rs.100,000 – Rs.250,000
ROI Timeframe 3 Month

Why Invest in the Anand Rathi Franchise?

For financial market beginners, Anand Rathi Franchise has many perks. Furthermore, it’s brilliant because:

  • A 30-year tradition with 370+ sites, 1000+ partners, and 5 Lakhs clientele across India.
  • Furthermore, competitive commissions make it a profitable partnership.
  • One of the Anand Rathi sub broker benefits is its low brokerage prices.
  • Partners receive the latest industry expertise through ongoing training.
  • Clients can invest in equity, commodities, currency, mutual funds, PMS, structured products, corporate FDs, government bonds, insurance, and more on multiple stock exchanges.
  • Offers Quicker Account Opening
  • Moreover, the security deposit required to start a business is 100% refundable.
  • Full branding, lead generation, and acquisition help for business partners.

What do you know about Anand Rathi Sub Broker?

About the Brand
Industry Finance & Money
Business Line Sub Broker
Organization Type Public
Head Office ‎Mumbai
Founder Anand Rathi
Founded In (year) 1994
No. of Franchise Outlets 1200+
Master Franchise Model Available
Franchise Tenure Lifetime
Franchise Location All over India
Business Set-Up Time 1 Month
Franchise Commencement Year 2009

Anand Rathi Sub Broker scheme is beneficial for financial services newcomers. The famous Anand Rathi Group launched this initiative to help prospective entrepreneurs become sub-brokers and access the enormous financial industry.

Moreover, the company’s sub-brokers have access to cutting-edge technology, comprehensive research, and a diversified product portfolio.

Nevertheless, sub-broking with Anand Rathi is a promising path to financial and professional success.

Subbroker services are their primary business model, and you must have at least Rs.1–2.5 lakh to invest.

However, the subbroker has a lower revenue-sharing percentage than comparable companies. In addition, you may earn 55%–65%. They take 30-45 days to pay and 2-3 weeks to activate SB codes.

How many types of Anand Rathi Franchise Models available?

Business Models
Sub Broker 55% – 65%
Partner 35% – 40%
Refer and Earn Rs.250 per Client

The company offers three different types of partnership models.

Anand Rathi Sub Broker Model

Anand Rathi, a well-known stockbroker in the business, strives hard to protect their brand equity with the help of their partners.

Before inviting prospective Subbrokers to become partners, Anand Rathi looks for several qualities in them. Furthermore, their market knowledge, clientele, expected revenue generation, etc., may be decisive elements.

After careful consideration, Anand Rathi will allow you to utilize their brand name and market their financial services once you meet all the criteria.

With a revenue percentage varying from 50 to 80%, they are renowned for having a significant revenue share plan.

Furthermore, to become a Anand Rathi sub broker, the business cost ranges between Rs. 1 lakhs and Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

Anand Rathi Partner Model

The Anand Rathi Partner Program does not require any infrastructure costs. In addition, the partners can contact clients without investing in infrastructure by working with the company’s back-office team.

For the role of a Remisier, the specific person needs to have a finance market experience of 2 years or above. Furthermore, this guarantees that only qualified individuals are connected to the brand.

Consequently, there is no capital expenditure, and a revenue-sharing structure of 35–40% is set up. Furthermore, the strategy offers partners lucrative commission rates to boost their earnings.

It also offers continuous training and keeps partners streamlined on industry changes. Additionally, Anand Rathi delivers collaborators the resources, technology, and tools necessary for their success.

Anand Rathi Refer and Earn

You get several perks when you encourage your friends and family to open an account with the company.

If anyone you recommend can create an account over the following 20 days, you will receive gift cards from BookMyShow, Flipkart, Amazon, and other businesses.

There is no referral cap on the referral account. Anand Rathi Refer and Earn program can fetch approximately 250 – 500 INR for every account.

If you encourage a friend to create an Anand Rathi demat account, you can get paid Rs 500 for each referral.

Additionally, you can receive a monthly referral commission for both DP A/C introduction and active trading.

Furthermore, Anand Rathi’s Edge Partner concept is a relationship that can assist you in creating a passive source of revenue.

What is the Anand Rathi Franchise Cost?

Investment by Franchisee
Sub Broker – Franchise Fee
Rs.30,000 – Rs.50,000
Partner Franchise Fee
Infrastructure Investment
Rs.40,000 – Rs.60,000

Anand Rathi franchise costs for sub-broker business startup costs Rs.1 Lakh – Rs.2.5 Lakh. The cost includes setup, workstations, office space, rent, trading terminals, etc.

A portion of the security will be reimbursed when the agreement is ended. Partners need only a security deposit of Rs.5,000.

A sub-broker requires a security deposit of Rs.70,000 – Rs.1.5 lakh, depending on location and size. Affiliate partners pay a Rs.7,000 security deposit.

A Rs.7500 one-time exchange fee applies. However, the exchange market uses these fees, which are not directly related to the house.

Registration costs Rs.2360 x 6 = Rs.14,160, and sub-brokers can trade NSE/BSE and MCX-SX/MCX.

How much is Anand Rathi Sub Broker Commission?

Commission% / Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker Commission
55% – 65%
Anand Rathi Commission
35% – 45%
Partner Commission
35% – 40%
Anand Rathi Commission
60% – 65%
Referral Commission
Rs.250 per Account
Anand Rathi Commission

The Anand Rathi Sub Broker commission ranges from 55% to 65%. The broker receives 35% to 40% of the revenue.

This is one of the significant figures to bet on, and Anand Rathi is a well-known brand in the industry. The revenue split is also perfect if the partner starts the business from scratch.

However, if they wish to enhance the percentage of their share, it will depend on the brokerage volume they are generating. If the performance is steady, the likelihood of raising the volume increases.

Although commission rates are essential, prospective partners should consider associated expenditures like infrastructure and early investment.

How much you can earn from Anand Rathi Sub Brokership?

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 150
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.30%
Trading Days in 1 Month 2
Total Brokerage Revenue 2,25,000
Sub Broker’s Share (60%) 1,35,000
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 15,000
1 Telecaller Cost 14,000
1 Dealer Cost 18,000
Misc. Expenses 5,000
Total Cost 52,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 83,000
Profit Margin 37%

Since generating revenue is not simple, Anand Rathi offers its subbrokers various support services.

The lucrative commission rates range from 55% to 65% for franchises and 35% to 45% for franchisors. Sub-brokers can make a substantial profit yearly, typically between INR 2 lakhs and INR 5 lakhs.

If you can acquire 150 active clients under your sub-broker code, you can earn Rs.83,000 as Anand Rathi sub-broker profits.

Assume that of the 495 total clients; the partner has 130 active ones. Each of them generates Rs.1,350 brokerage. Therefore, the entire brokerage is Rs.1,75,500.

How much you can earn from Anand Rathi Partner Program?

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 150
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.30%
Trading Days in 1 Month 2
Total Brokerage Revenue 2,25,000
Partner’s Share (40%) 90,000
Monthly Expenses
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
Misc. Expenses 5,000
Total Cost 20,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 70,000
Profit Margin 31%

How successfully you work on their products and services and recruit clients determines your profits.

Anand Rathi’s partner profits can reach 35 – 40% of revenue. Daily Costs can be subtracted to calculate profits.

Anand Rathi shares 35% – 40% of sales as a remisier. Since remisiers have a limited role, their revenue sharing ratio is lower than sub-brokers or APs.

However, costs vary by city and market. With refundable deposits, partners can leave anytime. Moreover, it shows the firm’s capital market confidence.

Furthermore, They don’t charge hidden delivery fees. They have no flat brokerage fees. Nevertheless, lacking first-month free brokerage, they discourage zero brokerage on loss-making trades.

How much time does it take for Anand Rathi Franchise to breakeven?

ROI Timeframe / Breakeven Time
In Years 3 Month

Several variables, including market dynamics and commercial tactics determine Anand Rathi franchise breakeven time.

Devoted sub-brokers should anticipate breaking even in 3 months on average. Anand Rathi sub broker returns—which range from 50% to 70%—help to speed up returns.

Moreover, partners who actively manage assets and transactions can amass profits gradually.

The breakeven point varies, but Anand Rathi is a good option for a relatively quick return on investment. This is because of its appealing commission structures and supporting ecosystem.

Where is Anand Rathi Franchise Dashboard Login Link?

Dashboard Login
Partner / Sub Broker Backoffice or Dashboard Login

Partners have a great experience with the Anand Rathi Franchise dashboard. You can run your business from your dashboard with your customer or trader ID, and Anand Rathi’s back-office personnel can log in when needed.

Its easy interface gives partners everything they need to operate at their convenience. Click the link above to view the Anand Rathi Partner Dashboard.

There’s no partner-specific app. You can track performance and use marketing tools. Furthermore, the friendly platform offers brilliant market insights to help sub brokers choose trades wisely.

Although there is no app, the dashboard works well on mobile. Any device provides instant access. It allows partners to select wisely.

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What is the Anand Rathi Franchise Infrastructure requirement?

Infrastructure Required
Shop / Unit Area 200 – 300 sq.ft.
Employee Strength Minimum 2
Research / Advisory Compulsory
Trading Terminals Set-up Compulsory
Telephone Lines Compulsory
Computer / Internet Connectivity Compulsory
Air-conditioner Compulsory
CCTV Set-up Compulsory
  • There is an office need related to the partner program. The amount of office space required can vary from 100 to 300 square feet, contingent upon the size of your company.
  • Furthermore, partners might require at least two staff for day-to-day operations. But not everyone has to do it. Mobile phones and a dealer terminal are a couple of the requirements.
  • A professional setup requires a computer or laptop. Security is the first priority, and CCTV is required.
  • Furthermore, it also requires a manager’s cabin and a reception room, which are necessities. However, partners have some flexibility as call recording is not needed.
  • The candidate must be at least eighteen years old.
  • Anand Rathi Franchise prefers graduates while accepting applications.
  • The subbroker should have SEBI registration for doing business.
  • Additionally, individuals must possess industry experience and a fundamental market understanding.

What is the extent of Support provided by Anand Rathi Partner?

Support from Brand
Service Pricing Available
Offers Available
Client Interaction Training Partially Available
Relationship Manager Support Not Available
Back-Office Support Available
Trading Support Available
Advisory Support Available
Marketing Support Partially Available
Business Management Software Available
Website Support Not Available
Operation Manual Available
Training Manual Available

Anand Rathi Assurance: Sub-brokers can start doing trades after contacting the assistance desk.

  • Assistance in bringing in new business
  • Marketing assistance in the form of promotional products
  • Business partners participate in development sessions to stay current on market trends and technologies.
  • Offers centralised back office assistance
  • Remisier gets infrastructure support.
  • Moreover, it facilitates the issuance of contract notes and gives access to back-office technologies.
  • They can access lead phase information through their back office. Additionally, it permits backend modifications to lead details.
  • Moreover, reports on leads can be created using the office. Monitoring customer activations and looking over client portfolios are also beneficial.
  • The team also provides a monthly payout report.

What kind of Marketing Support is provided by Anand Rathi Franchise?

Marketing Support by Brand
Unit Interior & Exterior Ads Available
Local Advertisement Available
Digital Marketing Not Available
Television Advertisement Not Available
Prints Advertisement Not Available
Events/Seminars Not Available

Anand Rathi authorised person, has limited marketing support. They will represent you nationally. However, you must develop fresh strategies to stake out your region and attract new clients.

Moreover, you can always ask the support team for advice on starting to build your marketing and attempting to stabilize yourself locally.

As an authorised individual, you can borrow ideas from other Subbrokers’ marketing strategies and modify your own to connect with your target audience.

Does Anand Rathi Sub Broker provide training?

Training by Brand
Product Information Training Provided
Dealers Training Provided
Service Training Provided

The franchise offers specialized training to assist the Anand Rathi Affiliate partners. Nevertheless, Anand Rathi offers dealer training, servicing, and product information to its partners.

Anand Rathi ensures the new partners have everything they need to get started and continue to meet all brand compliance requirements successfully.

Since it is also crucial for maintaining brand reputation, Anand Rathi never stops developing practical ways to support new partners as they launch and grow their businesses.

Nevertheless, acquisition training is one of the first assistance you will get from them. To iterate better about the services, product and dealing training is also offered.

What are the Products & Services provided to Anand Rathi Sub Brokers?

Products / Service Offerings
Equity Trading Available
Commodity Trading Available
Currency Trading Available
Options Available
Futures Available
Mutual Funds Available
Banking NA
Insurance Available
Demat Services Available
3 in 1 Acount NA
IPO Services Available
Stock Recommendations Available
Robo Advisory NA
PMS Available
Exposure or Limit Available
Mobile App Available
Web Trading Platform Available
Trading Terminal Available
Algo Trading Platform Available
Basket Trading NA

Anand Rathi franchise brings multiple products such as mutual funds, stocks, IPOs, currency, derivatives, commodities, corporate fixed deposits, insurance, structured deposits, and insurance.

Furthermore, by working with Anand Rathi, individuals can acquire comprehensive knowledge of the finance industry.

They are comprehensive and offer an extensive range of trading and investing opportunities.

  • Derivatives of Equity
  • Goods and Services
  • Money Transfer Funds
  • Structured Products for Insurance
  • Budgeting
  • PMS

Additionally, the franchise provides extensive advising services to guarantee that sub-brokers can meet the diverse needs of their clientele.

Anand Rathi is a comprehensive and beneficial partner for those entering the financial services industry.

Furthermore, it uses state-of-the-art technology and ongoing training programs. This ensures its sub-brokers are prepared to navigate and prosper in the changing financial market.

What is the Brokerage offered to Anand Rathi Partners?

Brokerage Charges
Intraday 0.05% -0.015%
Delivery 0.5% – 0.15%
Equity Options Rs.75 to Rs.20
Equity Futures 0.05% – 0.015%
Commodity 0.008% – 0.05%
Currency options Rs.75 to Rs.20
Currency Futures 0.05% – 0.015%

Anand Rathi charges a dynamic intraday stock cost ranging from 0.05% to 0.015%. The equity delivery comes next; it costs between 0.5% and 0.15%.

Moreover, equity options have a price range of Rs.20 to Rs.75. Likewise, currency options are within the same range of Rs.20 to Rs.75.

Furthermore, the following dynamic price range is between 0.05% and 0.30% for currency futures and 0.05% and 0.015% for stock futures.

Last but not least, the Anand Rathi Partner fees for the goods typically fall between 0.008% and 0.05%.

The annual maintenance charge (AMC) for a demat account is ₹450. However, there is no charge for a trading account. Anand Rathi Franchise also assesses transaction fees, which are 0.0030%.

How to Become an Anand Rathi Sub Broker?

Complete the information on the Anand Rathi portal by following the steps to become an Anand Rathi sub broker.

  • Tell their representative that you are interested in the opportunity or proposition.
  • They will set up a meeting with the sales team after that.
  • Discuss the terms and conditions with their team. You should cover all of this throughout the meeting.
  • Complete the vital paperwork and pay the registration fee and other deposits to register with the Indian Stock Exchange.
  • The documents will be checked thoroughly. If they identify any flaws, address them right away.
  • The team will prepare documentation after verification. After going through it carefully, you need to sign it. Once the document is submitted to the stock exchange, you will be acknowledged as a subbroker of the company.

This complete process will be over within 7 to 10 days.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to start Anand Rathi Franchise?

Franchisee Qualification
Age Limit 21 years & above
Business Experience Optional
Academic Qualification No Restriction

Which documents are required to become Anand Rathi Sub Broker?

Documents Required
Franchise Agreement Required
Proprietor Aadhaar Copy Required
Proprietor Photo Required
Proprietor / Business PAN Copy Required
Business TAN Copy Required
GST Registration Certificate Required
Proprietor / Business Address Proof Required
Unit / Shop Address Proof Required
NOC of Unit / Shop Required

Is Anand Rathi Franchise good for you?

Franchise Ratings
Revenue Sharing 7.68 / 10
Franchise Fee & Infra Investment 7.58 / 10
Support & Training 7.36 / 10
ROI Timeframe 7.46 / 10
Brand Value 7.42 / 10
Overall Ratings 7.50 / 10

What are the Drawbacks of Anand Rathi Franchise?

Below mentioned are the Anand Rathi Franchise drawbacks:

  • High starting cost: Joining the organization requires a significant financial commitment, mainly if you are a franchisee.
  • Reduced scope of negotiations: It is challenging to haggle over the starting price and pay whatever is demanded. However, it is advised that you use your negotiating abilities to lessen it at least somewhat.
  • Rigid rivalry: Several other stock broking firms in the industry are both strong competitors and superior in different areas.

Given that it has a far more extensive client base, better revenue-sharing ratios, and other advantages over other full-service stockbrokers, you may want to think twice before joining.

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Anand Rathi Partner Program – Conclusion

You will certainly be confident in joining the Anand Rathi partner program, owing to the brilliant legacy of 25 years.

High initial prices or no bargaining may make you doubt the program. However, working with a reputable stock broker will be fantastic if you consider it.

Nevertheless, they are well-represented across the company and developing internationally. The firm has always had great potential, from historical results to current expansion.

However, their dedication and experience constantly lower risks and boost rewards. This alliance could lead to financial success.

FAQs on Anand Rathi Franchise Business

Check out various FAQs related to Anand Rathi Sub Broker Franchise Business.

Does Anand Rathi have Sub Broker Model?

In the stock industry, subbrokers are essential since they receive a commission for each transaction clients accomplish. However, Mumbai’s Anand Rathi sub-broker franchise is well-known.

Does Anand Rathi have multiple Franchise models?

The company is famous for its adaptability and comprehensive options. This franchise now offers self-setup sub-broker and remisier (zero infra cost) types.

What is the Anand Rathi Sub Broker Commission?

Commission or revenue sharing is a critical component of the sub-broker model that benefits clients and Franchises. The company offers a 55% to 65% sub-broker commission with clientele.

How much does Anand Rathi Franchise Cost?

The cost of an Anand Rathi franchise is not high. Upon departing, the Franchise will return the Rs.1 Lakh – Rs.2.5 lakhs that you first invested.

However, registering for this franchise would require Rs.14,160.

Does Anand Rathi have a Partner Program?

Anand Rathi’s partner program has gained popularity because it enables users to sell services online as sub-brokers. It also provides partners with a personalized back office and training.

What is Anand Rathi Partners Sharing?

Partners who work with Anand Rathi are awarded a commission share. Nevertheless, Anand Rathi’s partners share 35%- 40% of client commissions.

Is the Anand Rathi Partner Program Free?

The second Anand Rathi partner program is Remisier. However, infrastructure is free to individuals. They merely need to work with the team and serve clients.

Does Anand Rathi provide Training Assistance?

Anand Rathi avoids compromising on quality. Furthermore, it trains its team in business pitching, scenario management, and other market developments.

How to Become an Anand Rathi Sub Broker?

After selecting ” Become Sub Broker, ” users must register and provide all security papers. The registration process, from signing the documents to getting the franchise code, takes two weeks.

Does Anand Rathi Franchise provide Support?

Anand Rathi is among the few companies that back their brand and sub-brokers. Furthermore, Anand Rathi offers marketing and training support.

After joining and marketing, the Franchise trains sub-brokers.

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