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SBI Securities Franchise or Sub Broker Review – Cost, Commission, ROI & more

SBI is a brand that needs no introduction. Its incredible services have earned millions of customers’ trust over the years.

Regardless of its industry, it never fails to excel in it. Talking about SBI, here is another wing of the brand, SBI Securities Franchise, that gained substantial recognition in the money market.

If you want to be a part of this prestigious franchise business but don’t know where to start, we are here to guide you. Also, find more details about SBI Securities Partner.

Brand Summary
Line of Business Sub Broker
Unit / Shop Area 200 – 400sq. ft.
Commission% / Revenue Sharing 55% – 70%
Total Investment Rs.80,000 – Rs.200,000
ROI Timeframe 6 Month

Why Invest in SBI Securities Franchise?

SBI Securities offers numerous benefits for business associates to indulge in. As a partner, you can reap the following SBI Securities Sub Broker Benefits:

  • Relish the 60% to 70% revenue share SBI Securities offers.
  • With each successful referral, earn Rs.300 almost instantly.
  • Marketing support is provided at its peak.
  • The firm assures top-notch assistance with support and training.
  • Having a well-established brand name completes half of your task.

What do you know about SBI Securities Sub Broker?

About the Brand
Industry Finance & Money
Business Line Sub Broker
Organization Type Public
Head Office Mumbai
Founder Varsha Purandare
Founded In (year) 2006
No. of Franchise Outlets 2100+
Master Franchise Model Available
Franchise Tenure Lifetime
Franchise Location All over India
Business Set-Up Time 1 Month
Franchise Commencement Year 2010

Smt. Varsha Purandare founded SBICAP in 2006, which has its headquarters in Mumbai.

They started as SBICAP Securities, intending to introduce investment products to trading-savvy investors. However, they later spread their wings to SBI Securities Sub Broker.

Individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs with a primary investment can rely on the SBI Securities franchise business.

You can partner with the firm and can generate significant revenue for yourself. Attain unparalleled support and access to groundbreaking technological trends at SBI Securities.

How many types of SBI Securities Franchise Models available?

Business Models
Sub Broker 60% – 70%
Refer and Earn Rs.300 per Client + Rs.400 Brokerage Reversal

The banking broker has multiple business models. You can choose any business model you feel is appropriate to start your entrepreneurial odyssey.

SBI Securities Sub Broker Model

The first business model in SBICAP is the SBI Securities Sub Broker. Under this model, the individuals who choose to be associates of the firm need to pay a security deposit to gain access to the business profile.

The key job of the sub-broker is to bring potential clientele to the company who can invest in the products and make fair financial returns to the company.

Furthermore, you are responsible for pitching the firm’s latest products to the clients and convincing them to invest.

The company provides a revenue share to the sub-broker every month, depending on the revenue generated.

SBI Securities Refer and Earn

SBI Securities also offers a refer-and-earn program for individuals interested in promoting the company’s products on a small scale.

With zero investment, you can start a referral business with the company and earn handsome incentives from the earnings generated.

Through the SBI Securities Refer and Earn program, you need to refer to the products and services offered by the organization and make substantial earnings.

You will receive a commission from the stockbroker for each successful referral through your link.

A unique referral link will be generated with the help of your customer ID or PAN number, which will be sent to your mobile number.

What is the SBI Securities Franchise Cost?

Investment by Franchisee
Sub Broker – Franchise Fee
Rs.75,000 – Rs.100,000
Infrastructure Investment
Rs.75,000 – Rs.100,000

If you want to own a franchise with SBI Securities, you must first analyze the overall business model of SBI Securities Franchise.

Owning a franchise is not a big deal, but you must steer clear about the investments needed to establish a successful franchise under the brand name.

The SBI Securities Franchise Cost is one among them. You must give Rs.75,000 to Rs.100,000 as a franchise fee to the stockbroker to get your hands on a franchise.

You should also be ready to invest another amount of Rs.75,000 to Rs.100,000 as capital for infrastructure and office set-up.

How much is SBI Securities Sub Broker Commission?

Commission% / Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker Commission
60% – 70%
SBI Securities Commission
30% – 40%
Referral Commission
Rs.300 per Client + Rs.400 Brokerage Reversal
SBI Securities Commission

SBI Securities Partner Commission is notably outstanding, reflecting the company’s commitment to giving its partners generous rewards.

Finance entrepreneurs with elite marketing outlooks are greatly attracted to the organization’s impressive commission.

You can draw 60% to 70% of the total revenue as a company partner. Similarly, if you want to do referrals, you can earn Rs.300 as a commission for each new client referral.

Also, you can get a Rs.400 brokerage reversal. You can join your network of friends and family in the company and earn a commission.

How much you can earn from SBI Securities Sub Brokership?

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 200
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.50%
Trading Days in 1 Month 1
Total Brokerage Revenue 2,50,000
Sub Broker’s Share (60%) 1,50,000
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 15,000
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
1 Dealer Cost 20,000
Misc. Expenses 5,000
Total Cost 55,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 95,000
Profit Margin 38%

As a sub-broker working with SBI Securities, your take-home will be more than what meets the eye. There is no exaggeration if we say SBI Securities Sub Broker Profits is no joke.

The profits are calculated based on the income generated and the expenses incurred. Let us give you an example to make you understand it better.

For example, if you bought 200 clients onboard. If each client makes 1 trade daily, the average volume per trade is 2,50,000. The brokerage per trade is 0.50%.

So, the total brokerage accounts to 2,50,000. Say the subbroker share is 60%, which is 1,50,000. Let us assume the monthly expenses as 55,000 and deduct them from the revenue.

So, the monthly profit of a subbroker is 95,000, which is 38% profit share.

How much time does it take for SBI Securities Franchise to breakeven?

ROI Timeframe / Breakeven Time
In Years 6 Month

Unlike the other stockbrokers in the market that assert their ROI to be one month, SBI believes in transparency and sustainability and asserts its breakeven time as 6 months.

The SBI Securities Sub Broker Returns may come a little later than expected.

As expensive investments go into the security deposit and infrastructure, planning the coming months smartly is essential.

Where is SBI Securities Franchise Dashboard Login Link?

Partner / Sub Broker Backoffice or Dashboard Login

A dashboard reflects how your business is going in real-time. It is essential to consult the dashboard occasionally to check your progress and where you are going wrong if the business slows down.

After successfully becoming a partner with the company, you will be given access to the SBI Securities Partner Dashboard to check all your dealings with the clients and their revenue.

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What is the SBI Securities Franchise Infrastructure requirement?

Infrastructure Required
Shop / Unit Area 200 – 400sq.ft.
Employee Strength Minimum 2
Research / Advisory Compulsory
Trading Terminals Set-up Compulsory
Telephone Lines Compulsory
Computer / Internet Connectivity Compulsory
Air-conditioner Compulsory
CCTV Set-up Compulsory

To establish a franchise, the infrastructure is a must for SBICAP. Here, we have listed the SBI Securities Franchise infrastructure requirements for you. Have a read!

  • The franchise must be built in an area of 200-400 sq. ft
  • There should be a minimum of 2 employees working in the franchise.
  • The franchise must have computer and internet connectivity.
  • A research/Advisory facility is a must, too.
  • It is essential to have trading terminals to run a smooth business.
  • The telephone lines should be active and working.
  • Airconditioner and CCT surveillance are compulsory to have.

You can discuss further with the stockbroker to clearly understand the infrastructure requirement.

What is the extent of Support provided by SBI Securities Partner?

Support from Brand
Service Pricing Available
Offers Available
Client Interaction Training Available
Relationship Manager Support Available
Back-Office Support Available
Trading Support Available
Advisory Support Available
Marketing Support Available
Business Management Software Available
Website Support Not Available
Operation Manual Available
Training Manual Available

Given the kind of outstanding support the company provides its partners, there is a lot to gain and almost nothing to lose in the SBI Securities Sub Broker program.

  • The company offers powerful support solutions to the partners in every way possible.
  • As a partner, you can access back-office support, where you will get ultimate support from the concerned authorities regarding your franchise business.
  • You can also retrieve support in areas like advisory, business management software, marketing, etc.
  • Also, get the training manual and operational manual from the company.

What kind of Marketing Support is provided by SBI Securities Franchise?

Marketing Support by Brand
Unit Interior & Exterior Ads Available
Local Advertisement Available
Digital Marketing Available
Television Advertisement Not Available
Prints Advertisement Not Available
Events/Seminars Not Available

Marketing is the best way to attract more clients. However, instead of going all alone, taking assistance from the company may aid you in effectively marketing the products and services.

As an SBI Securities Authorised Person, you should market the products with your skills. To help you with your marketing, the company lends its brand support through marketing.

The firm offers local advertisements and digital marketing solutions to the subbrokers. It also lends its support through Unit interior and exterior ads.

Does SBI Securities Sub Broker provide training?

Training by Brand
Product Information Training Provided
Dealers Training Provided
Service Training Provided

SBI Securities provides extensive training to the subbrokers affiliated with it. The company gives dealer training and product information training to the franchise partner.

This will help them explain the product to the client without hassle. You will also receive training manuals and software assistance from the company on becoming an SBI Securities Affiliate Partner.

Service training is another aspect the company covers where you will learn how to handle the business and clients.

What are the Products & Services provided to SBI Securities Sub Brokers?

Products / Service Offerings
Equity Trading Available
Commodity Trading Available
Currency Trading Available
Options Available
Futures Available
Mutual Funds Available
Banking Available
Insurance Available
Demat Services Available
3 in 1 Acount Available
IPO Services Available
Stock Recommendations Available
Robo Advisory NA
PMS Available
Exposure or Limit Available
Mobile App Available
Web Trading Platform Available
Trading Terminal Available
Algo Trading Platform NA
Basket Trading NA

Fortunately, plenty of products & services are provided to SBI securities subbrokers. SBI is highly noted as a monumental bank, so the banking services are a given.

So, to meet their financial objectives, individuals would look up to the SBI Securities Franchise without hesitation.

The company offers a huge list of services that include equity trading, commodity trading, currency, futures, options, mutual funds, IPO services, insurance, Demat services, etc.

Furthermore, you can utilize other services offered at the company, like stock recommendations, PMS, exposure or limit, mobile apps, trading terminals, web trading platforms, etc.

What is the Brokerage offered to SBI Securities Partners?

Brokerage Charges
Intraday 0.05%
Delivery 0.50%
Equity Options Rs.100 per Lot
Equity Futures 0.05%
Commodity 0.05%
Currency options Rs.100 per Lot
Currency Futures 0.05%

The SBI Securities Partner earns a reasonable remuneration from the company. For Intraday, the brokerage is 0.05%, the same for delivery, equity futures, commodity futures, and currency futures.

However, for Equity options and Currency options, the brokerage is Rs.100 per lot. You can gain the brokerage fee by performing your duties as a partner.

These brokerage fees fluctuate depending on the number of clients and the number of trading they make daily.

How to become an SBI Securities Sub Broker?

To Become a SBI Securities Sub Broker, you can visit the company’s official website or use the direct link on our page.

1st Step: Click on our website’s ‘Become a Sub Broker Now’ tab.

2nd Step: Fill out the application form with your details, such as name, mobile number, email ID, and city, and submit it.

You will receive a call from SBI Securities when you submit the form. You can ask your queries about the partner or subbroker franchise.

3rd Step: You will be asked to attend a meeting to discuss the business model. You must carry your documents for verification purposes.

4th Step: As the company charges an initial investment, you must pay it.

5th Step: Your documents will be forwarded to SEBI for further verification.

6th Step: SEBI thoroughly verifies your documents.

7th Step: If SEBI finds everything fine, it generates a subbroker code and sends it to the subbroker.

8th Step: Pay the SEBI registration fee for your sub-broker registration certificate.

9th Step: Once your registration is successful with SEBI, keep an eye on your email, as you will shortly receive your credentials, dashboard info, broker code, etc, from the stockbroker.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to start SBI Securities Franchise?

Franchisee Qualification
Age Limit 21 years & above
Business Experience Optional
Academic Qualification No Restriction

Which documents are required to become SBI Securities Sub Broker?

Documents Required
Franchise Agreement Required
Proprietor Aadhaar Copy Required
Proprietor Photo Required
Proprietor / Business PAN Copy Required
Business TAN Copy Required
GST Registration Certificate Required
Proprietor / Business Address Proof Required
Unit / Shop Address Proof Required
NOC of Unit / Shop Required

Is SBI Securities Franchise good for you?

Franchise Ratings
Revenue Sharing 8.40 / 10
Franchise Fee & Infra Investment 8.28 / 10
Support & Training 8.04 / 10
ROI Timeframe 8.16 / 10
Brand Value 8.12 / 10
Overall Ratings 8.20 / 10

What are the Drawbacks of SBI Securities Franchise?

Like other stockbrokers in the market, SBI Securities also has certain drawbacks.

Though these SBI Securities Franchise Drawbacks don’t pull the business down, they may create a negative opinion for the clients.

  • The initial investment is high compared to its peers.
  • Referral, once used, is used, and no commission is generated from it repeatedly.
  • Required technological advancements.

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SBI Securities Partner Program – Conclusion

To summarize, the SBI Securities Partner Program is a go-to business opportunity for novice entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their career in the finance industry.

If you are okay with the upmarket investment, you can go with the franchise model, and similarly, if you want to start with zero investment, you can be a part of the refer-and-earn program.

No matter which model you choose, believe you are under secure guidance.

FAQs on SBI Securities Franchise Business

We have answered the frequently asked questions on the SBI Securities Sub Broker Franchise Business here.

Does SBI Securities have Sub Broker Model?

Yes, SBI Securities has a subbroker model, one of its popular models. Moreover, many young entrepreneurs appreciate being a part of the subbroker franchise.

Does SBI Securities have multiple Franchise models?

The firm has multiple franchise models available. The models are namely – subbroker model and the refer and earn model.

What is the SBI Securities Sub Broker Commission?

SBI Securities offers its sub-brokers an impressive commission of up to 60% to 70%. On the other hand, the company takes 40% to 30% commission from the revenue generated.

How much SBI Securities Franchise Cost?

The franchise cost of the investment company is a little expensive compared to its counterparts. The cost lies between Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 1,00,000.

Does SBI Securities have a Partner Program?

Yes, SBI Securities has a partner program through which many finance enthusiasts join the company and sell its products and services to make a fair revenue.

What is SBI Securities Partners Sharing?

Individuals receive a moderate commission from the company for partner sharing. As a company partner, you will get a 60% to 70% share of the total revenue.

Is the SBI Securities Partner Program Free?

No. The partner program offered by SBI Securities is not free. You must pay the company a security deposit between Rs.75,000 and Rs.1,00,000 to start your partnership journey.

Does SBI Securities provide Training Assistance?

The stockbroker provides comprehensive training to the sub-brokers. The training is provided in areas like product information training, dealer training, etc.

How to Become an SBI Securities Sub Broker?

You can become the subbroker of the SBI stockbroker company by clicking on the direct link provided on this page. The complete process is explained above.

Does SBI Securities Franchise provide Support?

The stock broker provides extensive support to the franchise owners, aka sub-brokers, by promoting the business through digital marketing and local advertisements.

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