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NJ Wealth Franchise or Sub Broker Review – Cost, Commission, ROI & more

For those aspiring to run their own business, an outstanding opportunity awaits in the form of an NJ Wealth Franchise.

NJ Wealth Franchise LogoFor the unaware, NJ Wealth is a celebrated finance and investment company in Surat, Gujarat.

The company has a firm footing in trading, stocks, and investments.

It has significantly raised the investment standards of investors with its innovative products and technologies.

With time, it has become a pro player in the investment industry thanks to its NJ Wealth Partner program.

Brand Summary
Line of Business Sub Broker
Unit / Shop Area 200 – 250 sq. ft.
Commission% / Revenue Sharing 50% – 70%
Total Investment Rs.80,000 – Rs.200,000
ROI Timeframe 2 Month

Why Invest in NJ Wealth Franchise?

Becoming a part of this Franchise allows you to enjoy NJ Wealth Sub Broker Benefits to the fullest.

By becoming a sub-broker with the company, you can achieve tremendous success on the business front.

  • The security deposit for sub-brokers is low.
  • Sub-brokers get proficient training in dealings and client acquisition.
  • The company follows transparent revenue-sharing strategies to increase business standards.
  • The company has stood as a strong pillar for the last 25 years, and its brand name says it all.
  • They have a fixed payout time, so the earnings are automatically credited to your account.
  • Finance experts are a call away to answer your queries.

What do you know about NJ Wealth Sub Broker?

About the Brand
Industry Finance & Money
Business Line Sub Broker
Organization Type Private
Head Office Surat
Founder Neeraj Choksi
Founded In (year) 1994
No. of Franchise Outlets 1200+
Master Franchise Model Not Available
Franchise Tenure Lifetime
Franchise Location All over India
Business Set-Up Time 1 Month
Franchise Commencement Year 2007

Neeraj Choksi established NJ Wealth in 1994. The company, which started as a financial management firm, later stepped into the franchise distribution business.

It boasts a network of over 5000 sub-brokers operating within its framework. Moreover, as a NJ Wealth Sub Broker, there is a high scope for earning a maximum share of 70% from the revenue generated.

Additionally, you can effortlessly map out your advancement trajectory within the company without compromising your individuality in conducting business.

If you want to learn more about NJ Wealth, read this article thoroughly!

How many types of NJ Wealth Franchise Models available?

Business Models
Sub Broker 60% – 70%
Partner 20% – 30%

This broker offers three types of business models for industry enthusiasts.

NJ Wealth Sub Broker Model

The first and most prominent business model of NJ Wealth is the NJ Wealth Sub Broker model. Under this model, sub brokers can gain significant benefits.

On the other hand, you can also assist other investors who come to you to make substantial profits. Unlike the name suggests, you can sell products such as equities, not just mutual funds.

Also, the take-home in this model is worth your time and hard work.

NJ Wealth Partner Model

The other one is Partner Model. In this model, you can partner with the company and sell its products under its brand name.

The company gives impressive market share to the NJ Wealth Partner, which is why many finance advisors look up to the role.

It takes one month to partner with the company and start the business officially.

As a partner to the company, you are at an added advantage, which helps you with client retention and thus increases the revenue for the company.

What is the NJ Wealth Franchise Cost?

Investment by Franchisee
Sub Broker – Franchise Fee
Partner Fees
Infrastructure Investment
Rs.20,000 – Rs.60,000

The NJ Wealth Franchise Cost accounts at Rs.7000, a bare minimum compared to other finance companies in the country.

Also, there is no need to pay any security deposit or exchange charge to own a franchise. The amount you spend will be considered a registration fee.

Furthermore, you must apply for ARN, which costs Rs.1500. Talking about partner fees, it is free, which is delightful news to many business enthusiasts.

In short, with the lowest investment, you can own a business with a leading finance firm.

How much is NJ Wealth Sub Broker Commission?

Commission% / Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker Commission
60% – 70%
NJ Wealth Commission
30% – 40%
Partner Commission
20% – 30%
NJ Wealth Commission
70% – 80%

As a financial advisor, your eyes are always on the incentives, and NJ Wealth gives out the most attractive incentives to its sub-brokers.

With the NJ Wealth Sub Broker Commission, you can gain 50% to 70% revenue share. For example, if you make Rs.1,00,000 for the stock broker, you get a Rs.70,000 commission.

Your commission under the program increases as more clients return to trading. So, it would be best to focus on client retention more than anything else.

Regarding partner commission, the firm gives the associated partners 20% to 30% of the revenue share.

How much you can earn from NJ Wealth Sub Brokership?

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 200
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.20%
Trading Days in 1 Month 2
Total Brokerage Revenue 2,00,000
Sub Broker’s Share (60%) 1,20,000
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 15000
1 Telecaller Cost 15000
1 Dealer Cost 20000
Misc. Expenses 5000
Total Cost 55,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 65,000
Profit Margin 33%

Sub brokers can earn a substantial amount as a commission from the company. There are a lot of benefits to becoming a sub-broker with NJ Wealth.

Let us look at an example for a clear idea. If there are 200 clients and each client makes one trade daily, the average volume per trade is Rs.2,50,000, and the brokerage earned per trade is 0.20%.

If the total brokerage accounts to Rs.2,00,000, the subbroker share is 60%, Rs.1,20,000.

Let us assume the monthly expenses to be Rs.55,000, so the monthly NJ Wealth Sub Broker Profits stand at Rs.65,000, and the profit margin is 33%.

How much you can earn from NJ Wealth Partner Program?

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 200
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.20%
Trading Days in 1 Month 3
Total Brokerage Revenue 3,00,000
Partner’s Share (30%) 90,000
Monthly Expenses
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
Misc. Expenses 5,000
Total Cost 20,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 70,000
Profit Margin 23%

Now, coming to the firm’s partner program, the income generated in this model is less than that of the sub-broker model. Nevertheless, each model is unique in its own way.

The NJ Wealth Partner Profits will be 23% if you consider the following example.

If there are 200 active clients and each client makes one trade per day, the average volume per trade becomes Rs.2,50,000.

The brokerage per trade is 0.20%, and the trading is done for, say, three days; the total revenue generated stands at Rs.3,00,000, from which the partner’s share is 30%, which becomes Rs.90,000.

Deduct the monthly expenses of Rs.20,000, and the profit becomes Rs.70,000, which means the profit margin is 23%.

How much time does it take for NJ Wealth Franchise to breakeven?

ROI Timeframe / Breakeven Time
In Years 2 Month

Unlike its peers, which take only a month to get the return on investment or breakeven, NJ Wealth takes two months as breakeven time.

However, with almost no investment and zero risk, it is still a good opportunity for individuals to participate in the firm’s sub-broker or partner programs.

Therefore, individuals can delight in NJ Wealth Sub Broker Returns only after two months into the business.

Where is NJ Wealth Franchise Dashboard Login Link?

Partner / Sub Broker Backoffice or Dashboard Login
Partner Android App Android Link
Partner iOS App iOS Link

For the convenience of our readers actively in the money market, we have directly provided the links to the NJ Wealth Partner Dashboard on this page.

For partner/sub-brokers, a back office or dashboard login link is available with us. Also, we have the partner Android and iOS app links here.

You can click on them to land directly on the respective pages.

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What is the NJ Wealth Franchise Infrastructure requirement?

Infrastructure Required
Shop / Unit Area Optional
Employee Strength Minimum 1
Research / Advisory Optional
Trading Terminals Set-up Compulsory
Telephone Lines Compulsory
Computer / Internet Connectivity Compulsory
Air-conditioner Optional
CCTV Set-up Optional

Individuals who have taken up the NJ Wealth franchise must meet the essential infrastructure criteria. Here are the infrastructure requirements.

  • There is no shop/unit area requirement for a franchise.
  • The employee strength should be at least one.
  • Having research/advisory services is optional.
  • It is mandatory to have trading terminals set up.
  • For a franchise setup, telephone lines are a must.
  • Computer and internet connectivity is mandatory, too.
  • Airconditioner and CCTV set-up are optional.

Those meeting the infrastructure requirement criteria can set up the franchise smoothly.

What is the extent of Support provided by NJ Wealth Partner?

Support from Brand
Service Pricing Available
Offers Available
Client Interaction Training Available
Relationship Manager Support Available
Back-Office Support Available
Trading Support Available
Advisory Support Available
Marketing Support Available
Business Management Software Available
Website Support Not Available
Operation Manual Available
Training Manual Available

The financial firm offers robust support to its partners. If you want the support the organization provides NJ Wealth Sub Broker, here is what it offers.

  • Service pricing and offers are at the disposal of sub-brokers.
  • Client interaction training is another aspect of the company that provides extensive support.
  • The relationship manager of the firm gives the utmost support.
  • Back-office support is another feature that the firm offers.
  • The firm offers trading, advisory, and marketing support to individuals.
  • Individuals will have access to business management software.
  • The organization provides an operation manual and training manual to its partners.

What kind of Marketing Support is provided by NJ Wealth Franchise?

Marketing Support by Brand
Unit Interior & Exterior Ads Available
Local Advertisement Available
Digital Marketing Available
Television Advertisement Not Available
Prints Advertisement Not Available
Events/Seminars Not Available

As a NJ Wealth Authorized Person, you get extreme support from the firm in many essential aspects of the business.

Some of the crucial facets of support involve unit interior & exterior ads, local advertisements, and digital marketing.

The firm does not entertain television advertisements, print advertisements, and events/seminars.

Does NJ Wealth Sub Broker provide training?

Training by Brand
Product Information Training Provided
Dealers Training Provided
Service Training Provided

The stock broker provides its MF distributors and partners with comprehensive training in various business areas.

The company strives hard to show its partners the right path to success. Though there is no easy road to success, NJ Wealth makes the journey effortless with its strategies and features.

As an NJ Wealth Affiliate Partner, you will receive training on product information, dealer training, and service training.

The individual must take the training as it gives them the much-needed knowledge and a firm grip on the business.

What are the Products & Services provided to NJ Wealth Sub Brokers?

Products / Service Offerings
Equity Trading Available
Commodity Trading Available
Currency Trading Available
Options Available
Futures Available
Mutual Funds Available
Banking NA
Insurance NA
Demat Services Available
3 in 1 Acount NA
IPO Services Available
Stock Recommendations Available
Robo Advisory Available
PMS Available
Exposure or Limit Available
Mobile App Available
Web Trading Platform Available
Trading Terminal Available
Algo Trading Platform NA
Basket Trading NA

NJ Wealth Sub Brokers get to work with numerous products and services. The services include equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, options, futures, mutual funds, demat services, IPO services, stock recommendations, robo advisory, PMS, and exposure or limit.

Furthermore, there is access to mobile apps, web trading platforms, and trading terminals.

The NJ Wealth Franchise does not support basket trading and algo trading platforms, which its peers promote.

With these many products and services, franchise owners and partners can easily pitch their business to prospective clients and repeatedly make good money.

These products are accessible to all MF distributors.

What is the Brokerage offered to NJ Wealth Partners?

Brokerage Charges
Intraday 0.01% – 0.02%
Delivery 0.1% – 0.2%
Equity Options Rs.10 – Rs.20 per lot
Equity Futures 0.01% – 0.02%
Commodity 0.01% – 0.02%
Currency options Rs.10 – Rs.20 per lot
Currency Futures 0.01% – 0.02%

As a NJ Wealth Partner, you can attain a modest commission from the company.

The brokerage charges for Intraday, equity futures, commodities, and currency futures range from 0.01% to 0.02%.

However, the brokerage fee increases from 0.1% to 0.2% for delivery transactions. The sub-broker or partner commission is Rs.10 to Rs.20 per lot for equity options.

These values remain the same, offering a transparent earning model in various trading settings.

How to become a NJ Wealth Sub Broker?

Become a NJ Wealth Sub Broker today with the help of our guide. We have devised the step-by-step process to become a sub-broker with the stockbroker.

Before applying for the program, please check the eligibility criteria.

1st Step – Go to NJ Wealth’s official website and hit the ‘Become a Sub Broker Now’ button. You can also click on the button provided on this page.

2nd Step – Enter your name, mobile number, email ID, and city and hit the submit button. The stock broker will call you to ask for the details and answer all your queries.

3rd Step – The stock broker will ask you to meet in the office, and you must submit your documents and perform the offline KFC.

4th Step – Transfer the security deposit, if any, through online mode or by cheque in the company’s name.

5th Step – After the payment is made, your documents are verified by the stockbroker and forwarded to SEBI.

6th Step – SEBI receives the documents, which are verified once again.

7th Step – SEBI generates a subbroker code, which it shares with the Sub Broker.

8th Step – You are registered as a legal sub-broker of the company by SEBI.

9th Step – Check your email for an email from SEBI informing me about your sub-broker code and other details such as login ID, password, dashboard link, etc.

The entire process takes 30 days or more to complete.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to start NJ Wealth Franchise?

Franchisee Qualification
Age Limit 21 years & above
Business Experience Optional
Academic Qualification No Restriction

Which documents are required to become NJ Wealth Sub Broker?

Documents Required
Franchise Agreement Required
Proprietor Aadhaar Copy Required
Proprietor Photo Required
Proprietor / Business PAN Copy Required
Business TAN Copy Required
GST Registration Certificate Required
Proprietor / Business Address Proof Required
Unit / Shop Address Proof Required
NOC of Unit / Shop Required

Is NJ Wealth Franchise good for you?

Franchise Ratings
Revenue Sharing 8.40 / 10
Franchise Fee & Infra Investment 8.28 / 10
Support & Training 8.04 / 10
ROI Timeframe 8.16 / 10
Brand Value 8.12 / 10
Overall Ratings 8.20 / 10

What are the Drawbacks of NJ Wealth Franchise?

As we always say, every finance and stocking business has drawbacks, no matter how successful it gets.

Similarly, NJ Wealth has a significant drawback that drags its offerings down a little. Check out the NJ Wealth Franchise Drawbacks below:

  • Having limited business models is one of the significant drawbacks of this company.
  • The subbroker model is a mutual fund distributor, but the work remains the same, and the partner can sell all the company’s products.

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NJ Wealth Partner Program – Conclusion

NJ Wealth Partner Program is an excellent option for anyone wanting to enter the stockbroker industry.

However, it takes dedication and passion to excel and become a pro in the job. You must polish your skills from the raw form to become business savvy.

If you are business smart, breathe stocks, and trade more than oxygen, here is your chance. The company will always stand by you in your journey to success.

FAQs on NJ Wealth Franchise Business

Here, we have answered all the frequently asked questions for you. Read on!

Does NJ Wealth have a sub-broker model?

Yes, the company has a sub-broker model. Though the name suggests something, the work resembles a sub-broker role.

Does NJ Wealth have multiple Franchise models?

Like other stock brokers in the market, the company has multiple franchise models, including MF distributor, subbroker, and partner models.

What is the NJ Wealth Sub Broker Commission?

The sub-broker commission for the individuals working with the company raises from 60% to 70%, which is pretty impressive.

How Much Does NJ Wealth Franchise Cost?

The franchise cost of NJ wealth is as low as Rs.7000/-. This is the only stockbroker with very minimum franchise cost compared to others.

Does NJ Wealth have a Partner Program?

Yes, NJ Wealth has a partner program allowing many individuals to sell its products in various areas.

What is NJ Wealth Partners Sharing?

The partner sharing in NJ Wealth is 20% to 30%. Individuals interested in this model who want to make the most out of a finance business can look up to this model.

Is the NJ Wealth Partner Program Free?

The partner program fee is free at NJ Wealth. If you want to become a partner with the company, you need not worry about the amount as it is a free service.

Does NJ Wealth provide Training Assistance?

Yes, training assistance is provided in certain areas to improve the skills of the individual running the MF distributor or partner program.

How to Become an NJ Wealth Sub Broker?

It is elementary to become an NJ wealth sub-broker. However, it would be best to have patience, as it may take around 30 days to get full sub-brokership rights.

Does NJ Wealth Franchise provide Support?

Undoubtedly, the company proffers support to the individuals associated with it. For example, it assists with training on a large scale.

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